Ego vs Ego Video

Here is a video of our latest song “Ego vs Ego”.  We are planning to record this later this summer  for a split 7 inch with Playboy Manbaby.  Thanks to Sean Sherman for the video and Dave Malvin for the audio.

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Cowtown’s Go Skateboarding Day Video

The Cowtown Go Skateboarding Day event was a blast. We can’t thank them enough for including us and the Pressroom for hosting it. Watch the video to see the mayhem during the product toss.

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Go Skateboarding Day at The Pressroom

Next Sunday is Go Skateboarding Day, Father’s Day, The longest day of the year and the start of summer. Whoa. The Father Figures will be playing a FREE ALL AGES show at The Pressroom for Cowtown Skateboards Go Skateboarding Day event. It’s early, there will be skating and food and beer. Bring the kids. Have fun. Go skateboarding.


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The Blender! June 13th at Crescent Ballroom

Need a little something more in a local show? How about an event featuring four headlining bands from four different genres who are all covering one song from one of the other bands?  On Saturday, June 13th , The Father Figures (post-skaterock), Pelvic Meatloaf (heavy metal), Grave Danger (surf and rock-a-billy), and Dephinger (punk) combine forces – and set lists – to bring a unique event to Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix.   Each band will be putting their own special sauce on a song from outside their normal comfort zone.  The musicians are getting a little giddy to air out their covers. Dephinger and Grave Danger will be covering each other and Pelvic Meatloaf and The Father Figures will be swapping songs.  The level of musicianship from start to finish is top notch so look for unexpected twists in each band’s cover.  As an added bonus, both The Father Figures and Dephinger will be debuting new songs.  This will be the first installment of The Blender, a twice-yearly event hosted by The Father Figures who, after five years of playing local shows, felt the need to shake up the routine.

What:  The Blender
Who: The Father Figures, Pelvic Meatloaf, Grave Danger, Dephinger
Where: Crescent Ballroom, 308 N 2nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003
When: Saturday, June 13th music starts at 9:00pm


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Live on KWSS April 20th

On Monday April 20th we will play live on KWSS for the 7th anniversary show for Beef Vegan and the TMI morning show.  Listen in between 6:00am and 10:30 for all live music from local bands.  We estimate we will play sometime between 7:30 and 8:30am.  Each band is playing one song so stay tuned in.  Read more about it on AZCentral.

Listen in at 93.9 or Thanks to KWSS and Beef Vegan for having us on the show.

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